Our Services

  Property finder

The first part of the process is what we call ‘the orientation’ about individuals needs and prospective of our client. This is an essential part of the process in order to kickstart the search effectively.Then we preview properties so as not to waste our clients time on  unsuitable properties.We continue previewing on many and different channels to suitable properties until we have found ‘the one’.

Selection the best solution;
No wasting time.

  General Contractor

To satisfy the customer with precise needs and optimize maximum lead time of all interventions, the customer will have at his disposal a single partner.The General Contractor, cancels the downtime, optimized the workflow avoiding problems during execution.The general contractor works in sinergy with a team of excellent partners animated by the same spirit of professionalism.

One site manager;
No wasting time;
Guarantee of success;
Delivery on time;
Turnkey realization.

  Relations with the Municipal engineering department office for all practices and planning permission

Work with the local municipality regarding the feasibility of the design plan with particular attention to preserving the required artistic landscape.

Lifting by paper works;
Ease of getting permits.

  Consulting on Energy efficency and improvement of acoustics

Based on the building plan, analyze best solution for energy efficency and for the improvement of living confort.
Providing services to certify the class of energy efficency of the building.
Certifications to develop practise for taking advantages of the tax incentives provided by law.

Green Vocation;
Improvement confort living;
Cost saving;
Access to tax benefits.

  Design and decoration indoor and outdoor spaces

We create unique space with timeless beauty, where chic Italian style meets comfort.
We translate into emotion the spirit of each place, where you feel at one with the world.
Italian craftmanship is a mix of talent, genius and elegance : these skills which have been developed over the years are appreciate all over the world.
Every design is custom-crafted to fit each client's taste, needs and lifestyle.
By artfully tailoring the space to specially suit you, your home can become a masterful work of art while also being a comfortable, functional place to relax and enjoy.

Hight quality in project by Italian style;
Excellent craftmanship: care in details;
Custom -made design.

  Perspective view and render 3d

After the preliminary phase of determing the current state of the building, we proceed to the presentation of a virtual project.

Chance of real- time evaluation project;
Flexibility and Costs optimisation.

  Collecting quotes and comparison of tenders

General Contractor does make different quotes and select the best proposal in relation to money and to quality.

Single partner;
Best solution;
Wasting time;
Saving money.

  Single referent for all payments

General Contractor will be the unique consultant home to entrust the management of all payments.

Ease of management payments;
Unique form for all payments;
Turnkey solution;

  Design private mediterranean gardens, landscape and environment

A simple outdoor space in itself is not enough to be called a garden. It requires to be interpreted, planned, and looked after. Our experts of project are able to improve even the most desolate and empty areas and turn them into places with a heart and a soul. We interpret the sites using the imagination, considering adaptability, as well as the technique and knowledge of the plant world.

We design unique patches of green with technical specifications and attention to detail.

The "Green" not only improves the home, but it creates natural settings, which improve the quality of life: an added value that makes a difference when choosing where to live, and that increases our well-being.

Landscape Analysis
Feasibility studies
Photographic surveys
Botanical Surveys
Preliminary and detail design
Supervision of the works
Control of the works
Artistic direction of work



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Design private mediterranean gardens, landscape and environment