Our Mission

A Unique Consultant for a Unique Home

Cube39 as a unique consultant for a unique home offers the most complete range of services, from the first phase of property finding, to design and until the turn key product.

Cube39 incorporates the objectives of the customer: the feasibility study which is conducted in the preliminary phase allows the evaluation of the real possibilities of success of the project for a final result consistent with expectations. Deadlines are strictly observed and the lack of interference by other parties ensures timely delivery and adherence to high standards of quality.

Living italian style

Our aim is the client's satisfaction: paying attention to and interpreting his desires and his needs for creating a Unique Home in Italy.
Our task is to offer a top service from planning the sampling and photographic rendering to the elaboration of project through to its execution with a solid team capable of furnishing highly professional result for any type of project request.

Feeling at one with the world

Taking on a project means understanding its sense in depth, suggesting solutions, solving every problem we are faced with during the course of the various steps of realization: a versatile approach is the key to create a Unique Home that is the perfect expression of the people who inhabits it.